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What I learned in boating school is

No, really, today was pretty cool. I woke up, finished the dead space 3 awakened dlc (I have no fucking idea how the save system works anymore and had to start over three times. I really wish visceral kept the old system, but, I do understand that this new system accommodates co-op play much more favorably /tangent) and went to class.

My jazz appreciationg class is silly. Idiots. My class is full of idiots, and drones looking for that easy humanities fulfillment yet haven’t quiterealized the intricacies that com[rise jazz. I mean, it’s easy for me to say and keep up because I’ve trained myself (I’ve fucking trained myself) to understand what exactly is going on at a technical level. I can attribute that to listening to sweet, sweet prog and techincal stuff. ANYWAY, to move one, no one really knows what’s going on, and I understand that “everyone is there to learn,” but fuck, I’m mostly just annoyed by the one 40 year old fuck that relates to every god damn thing, and the young, fegora wearing buck who has to comment on everything. It’s like they tag team and decide to give each other blow jobs after class or something. The professor’s cool. Used to be a rockstar sort of, knows her shit, easily distracted and gets off topic because of dildos one and two.

I came home, and decided to squeeze some practice in before heading out once more. I’m getting much better at “Soraya" and "Cafo" so I was happy playing through those. Then I finished up with a few different speeds around my kit just doing rudiments, keeping eighths on the kick. Fun stuff.

Then I went for a drive because it was very lovely day, aaaand wound up at the mall, trying to find a nice spring/winter jacket, but no luck. So, I bought three books instead. Really good reads.

I had much more of a story to tell, with twists, turns, and just enough to keep you on your seat, but, I’ve become bored with this, and am wondering why I’m deciding to do this now. Could quite possibly be due to inebriation.

Nearly three years in, and I think I fianlly uinderstand tumblr and its purposes. Toodaloo, motherbitches

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